Friday night routine by Belle

On my Friday nights I like to have a cosy set routine and I thought I might tell you what I do:

  1. To begin with the first thing that like to do is light all of my candles. Because I feel that when I put on all of the candles in the room it makes that room feel so much cosier and warmer!!!(my favourite is the Yankee candles, especially summer peach at this time of year!)
  2. This is the time I like to check on my laptop and I update my blog and check out some of my favourite vloggers and see their newest videos.
  3. The next thing I like to do is cosy up in my warm teddy bear blanket which I know you can get from dunhelm mill. Then I get a snack and watch a film or a tv program and sit and relax!
  4. After this I will go upstairs and wash my face with my all-time favourite face wash; the visibly clear face wash.
  5. Then next I sometimes like to put a face mask on and sit and relax!!!
  6. Next I like to put the tv back on and I will leave my mask for 5-15 minutes.
  7. After a while this I will obviously wash my face mask off.
  8. Then I’ll usually run my bath.
  9. After my bath I will then moisturise my body with my beloved Ted Baker body cream.
  10. Soon later I’ll then dry my hair.
  11. Next I’ll put my PJ’s on and get my bed ready adding my plannet spa sleep spray, which I really love!(you can see it in the post picture)
  12. Following that I’ll blow my candles out and go to bed!


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