1. Booking next years summer holiday to Spain with all the family to celebrate my gorgeous parents Golden Wedding Anniversary. 2018’s travel plans are looking good! 🌎✈️🌞
  2. A meal out at the gorgeous Punch Bar & Tapas in Honley then back to the home of some good friends for a hot tub and Prosecco! Fabulous day! 🍸
  3. Getting my ears pierced! Small thing but not sure why I left it so long!!!
  4. Isabelle starting on the Associate course at Northern Ballet, so proud of her for being accepted.
  5. Putting on a concert with my Theatre School in aid of Altzheimers research. It was a fabulous concert for a fabulous cause. 💃🎼🎭



We were excited to be taken to this new Tapas bar last week by some friends who highly recommended it and we were most certainly not disappointed.

Punch Bar and Tapas is the newest addition to the Mustard and Punch Group. Situated in the heart of Honley, Punch brings a taste of Spain to the Holme Valley.

The food, which combines traditional Spanish with a modern British twist, was excellent and as authentic as you can get outside of Spain. With so much choice on the menu, and not being so familiar with Spanish cuisine, the staff were very helpful advising us how much to order and what they recommended. Having a 9 year old boy who’s not too adventurous with food, the children’s menu, although not huge, had enough choice and he was certainly pleased with his order.

The wine & cocktails flowed well with a great choice on the drinks menu including of course, Sangria! In addition to being a great place to dine it’s a great place to just call in for a drink in the bar area.

The atmosphere is fun and lively and transported us to sunny Spain on a very miserable September day in Huddersfield!

I can highly recommend this little gem of a restaurant and we will definitely be returning before long.




The last day of the summer holidays was a fun filled day with friends at Barnsley Metrodome. With two 12 year old girls & two 9 year old boys it was the perfect place to have some fun before going back to school the next day. A popular place for families with children of all ages, there are slides a plenty along with diving boards and a wave pool. The theme is Calypso Cove which makes it feel so much more than just a local swimming pool. At £5.80 for a 1.5 hour session per child they certainly had their money’s worth whilst the mums had coffee & cake in the cafe.

The venue also has a good sized bowling alley and is very popular for kids parties.

A great day out & excellent value for money.



As it’s my birthday month I thought I would do a 50 facts about me article! Being in my Forties has been fabulous so far and I really feel women come into their own once they hit the big 4 0!

On a personal level I’m loving my forties as your 30’s are hard work starting a business, building a home and having a young family. Now my children are a bit older and Tony & me have more time to spend together, I have a bit more time to spend on my own fitness & beauty routine plus the children are old enough to come to nice restaurants and places with us. We’re very lucky and get to go to some lovely places, travel quite a lot and have a wonderful family and friends to spend time with so I’m all about being happy, positivity and making memories.

50 things about me.

  1. My favourite flower is a daffodil 🌾
  2. I love cocktails & champagne 🍸
  3. My favourite films are Ben Hurr & Dirty Dancing
  4. My guilty pleasure is watching Corrie, Emmerdale & The Real housewives of      Cheshire 🖥
  5. I hate Curries
  6. I love Steak
  7. I’ve travelled the world as a professional dancer 💃
  8. I’m a very good listener
  9. My children are my world 🌎
  10. I met my husband Tony on a catamaran in Barbados. We got engaged in New IMG_6474York!
  11. My happy place is Center Parcs
  12. I love glamour, glitter and dressing up
  13. I drink coffee every day ☕️
  14. I love all my pupils, my job often entails me being a councillor as well as teacher!
  15. I have a huge phobia of Frogs
  16. I’m a loyal friend to my true friends
  17. I love to look at the Ocean, it reminds me of my happy days on Cruise Ships 🏝
  18. My brother James is 8 1/2 years younger than me
  19. I’ve danced on The Royal Variety Performance 1992 IMG_6476
  20. I’ve met Prince Charles & Princess Diana
  21. I’ve been in Emmerdale & Hollyoaks
  22. I have a candle obsession 🕯
  23. I love spending time with my fab parents
  24. My favourite places are New York & Bermuda
  25. My favourite colour is Coral
  26. I love dancing & the Theatre 🎭
  27. An ideal day would be a day at the spa followed by cocktails
  28. I’ve watched every episode of Friends & Sex & the City many many times
  29. Cuddles with my babies are what makes me the happiest
  30. I love Spring & Easter time – new beginnings
  31. My favourite musicals are Top Hat & Les Miserables
  32. I don’t smoke, never have, never will
  33. My first crush was Patrick Swayze
  34. I love to cook, I just wish I had more time to do it more
  35. I have seen a total eclipse 🌑
  36. One of my most special memories is taking the children to Lapland 🎅🏻
  37. I love Phillip Schofield
  38. My favourite song is Bring him home from Les Miserables
  39. My signature perfume is Samsara by Guerlain but I have & love many perfumes
  40. My first job was in a dance wear shop
  41. I started dancing when I was 2
  42. I passed my driving test when I was 28 as I’d been travelling abroad dancing from being 17-28 & never got chance to take it! 🚗
  43. I have very slight OCD & I’m a bit of a control freak
  44. I love eating out at gorgeous restaurants 🍝🍹
  45. I’m a huge Disney fan
  46. I’m very impatient except when I’m teaching where I have lots of patience
  47. I was at the top of one of the twin towers exactly a year to the day before 9/11
  48. I got engaged in New York 🗽
  49.  I love Abba
  50. I love Champagne but Prosecco will also do! 🍾


Trampoline fitness classes

Last month myself and two friends decided to try the trampoline fitness class at Adrenaline Trampoline Park in Liversidge near Huddersfield.

I always loved trampolining in my youth and the kids love going to trampoline parks so I thought this sounded a fun idea for a fitness class. I was right, it was great fun. What I hadn’t bargained for was just how tough it would be!!! I managed to keep going for almost all of the class and although tough it was so enjoyable and the time flew by. All three of us enjoyed it so much we booked in for the following week and now make it a regular Monday morning fitness class. I would highly recommend it as a really fun way to keep fit and it certainly beats the machines at the gym!



Classic Margarita


35ml/1¼fl oz Reposado Tequila

20ml/¾fl oz Cointreau

35ml/1¼fl oz fresh lime juice

handful ice cubes

lime wedge, to garnish


Pour the Tequila, Cointreau and lime juice into a cocktail shaker.

Add a handful of ice cubes and shake vigorously for 10-15 seconds.

Strain into a Martini glass with half the rim damped with water, then dipped in salt.

Add a lime wedge on the rim by way of garnish.


The Kicking the Bucket List by Cathy Hopkins IMG_6470

The Kicking the Bucket List is a poignant ,wonderful heart warming sometimes sad book .The story of three estranged sisters and a Mum who decides before she dies to try and bring her daughters together after her death with an intriguing plan .I loved this book it made me cry and I was sad when it finished .

It surprised me, it was definitely not what I expected. I laughed and cried and it made me think. I expected a fluffy read but got so much more. It covers grief, the need to sieze the day, sibling relationships. and acceptance. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t a book that takes itself seriously, quite the opposite, in parts it’s funny and throughout it is written with a lightness. The characters are memorable, although you may be irritated by them at times, but more irritated at who they are rather than how they are written. If you’ve suffered a loss and it has affected relationships, or if you need a reminder of the the Joys of life and the benefits of having balance then this is a book for you .


Hearing that there is to be a sequel to Mamma Mia next year! So excited, I LOVE ABBA!!!!


The devastation hurricane Irma has left behind. My heart goes out to everyone affected. 💔


  1. Series 2 of ‘Cruising with Jane McDonald’. Having loved working as a professional dancer on cruise ships all through my 20’s this programme brings back many happy memories plus I think Jane McDonald is fab! 🚢
  2. Pilates. I’m loving going to my weekly classes and already feeling the benefits. IMG_6472
  3. Fruit Gums! They just seem to have returned and I can’t resist them!
  4. Cold Feet has returned! Love it & I love that it’s set in Manchester 👣
  5. My Real Techniques foundation brush. Excellent quality & I’ll definitely be buying more of this range of fabulous makeup brushes.


‘Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it!’



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