Our Christmas Traditions


Like most families we love our traditions at this time of year. Sadly it’s the first year neither of my children believe in Santa, (although now we’re only a few days away from Christmas Max has suddenly decided he does again. I think he’s panicking he won’t get any presents if he says he doesn’t believe anymore!!! 😂) but we’ll still do things just the same & it will still be just as special.

Christmas Eve starts with me giving the kids their Christmas Eve boxes which includes a DVD, a tree decoration, hot chocolate & a mug, Christmas chocolates, reindeer food & a new pair of pyjamas each for Christmas Eve night. We always watch Santa Claus the Movie which I just love. We then meet my brother James & his wife Kate with my nephew Jack & new baby nephew Ned for a meal at lunchtime & I give Jack & now Ned a Christmas Eve box each. This year we’re going to one of our favourite local restaurants Harvey’s Bar & Kitchen in Huddersfield. After that we go on to some family friends for tea & games which is always fun. IMG_7912

We’ve always been home early evening to set everything out for Santa, put the Christmas sacks out and sprinkle reindeer food outside for Rudolph which I’ll still continue to do!!! Before the children go to bed we all snuggle into our bed & I read ‘The Night Before Christmas’.

Christmas Day is spent at my parents house then Boxing Day at our house although this year, with James & Kate having a brand new baby they’re staying at home so we’re also going to theirs for tea on Christmas Day night.

I absolutely adore Christmas & everything about it from writing my cards to the gift buying, Christmas songs & carol concerts but, most importantly spending some wonderful quality time with my amazing family & friends.


What are your Christmas Traditions?


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