4 weeks ago The Barker family’s life was changed completely with a new addition to our home. Our gorgeous Cavachon pup arrived in our house on 30th December 2017 and what a complete and utter joy she is. We called her Dora as it was my beloved Great Grandmas name (& also the only name we all agreed on) & she really is ‘A Dora ble’!! IMG_7764

I took quite a long time for me  to agree to us getting a puppy as I was the one who hadn’t had dogs as a child unlike Tony,  plus I knew I’d have to do most of her care during the days. The day we picked her up I did feel quite nervous initially, but I needn’t have worried as she just fit in & became one of the ‘Barker family’ immediately.

She’s a very pretty puppy with a gorgeous Apricot & White colouring which I love. Her teeth are bothering her at the minute which unfortunately means she wants to chew everything but it’s only for a short length of time (hopefully).

My single most favourite thing ever is her waiting at the top of the steps for me when I return home on an evening from work.IMG_8466

It really is unconditional love which melts my heart. We’re very lucky that she’s eating, sleeping & playing beautifully and she’s happy to go to everyone in the house. She’s such a loving and affectionate little girl and I can’t imagine life without her now.

Toilet training is getting there and we’re having barely any accidents. Tony has bought her a bell to hang on the back door which you train dogs to ring before they ‘need to go’ so we’ll see how that goes!!

I can’t wait until her last injections are done so we can start taking her for walks. It’s the perfect opportunity for all 4 of us to get outdoors together & enjoy some fresh air (hopefully the weather will improve soon) and family time.

100% the most important thing for us was to find the perfect breeder and with Jenna at Pawfect Cavachons we really couldn’t have chosen better. The care she gives all her beautiful new pups is second to none and they get the very best start in life with her. Dora came to us happy, confident, playful and contented and she remains all of those things to this day which I credit Jenna for, plus hopefully she already knows just how loved she is in her ‘forever home’ with us!

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