1. My children Isabelle & Max 

The day I held each of my babies in my arms my love for them did, and still does overwhelm me. I am extremely blessed to have a beautiful, healthy girl & boy who amaze me every day. They are both kind, beautiful, sensitive thoughtful people with their own very individual personalities, beliefs and opinions and I admire how bright, funny & inquisitive they both are. They are growing up and becoming young adults nowIMG_0441 and my biggest wish in life is that I have helped guide them to become individual & forward thinking with all the skills they need for adulthood. They are my biggest & best achievement, they make me prouder & prouder every day, they are the most precious people imaginable & I love them more than I ever thought possible.


  1. Tony

Tony & I met in Barbados whilst we were both working on a Caribbean cruise ship. We got engaged in New York & married in 2003. Marriage takes work and like any relationship we have had our IMG_1650ups & downs but he is my best friend, my husband, my rock & the father of my children. I love him more each day & just enjoy spending as much time with him as possible. He drives me mad, makes me laugh and I look forward to growing old and grey with him!


  1. My parents & family 

I consider myself extremely lucky to have the most wonderful parents ever and an idyllic childhood with many many happy memories. My parents are always there for me no matter what & the thing I love most is that Tony & I spend a lot of time with them socially too as we all just enjoy each other’s company. They’re both very good, kind wonderful people and I love them with all my heart. IMG_9405

We don’t have a big family but we’re very close to my brother James, his wife Kate & 2 boys Jack & Ned. I just wish we lived a bit closer so we could see them more.


  1. My home 

Whilst we still don’t consider this our forever home & will move probably within the next 5 years, we are slowly but surely getting our house as beautiful as possible. We work hard and a lot of hours so home needs to be a sanctuary filled with beautiful smells, candles, gorgeous prints, flowers and lots & lots of love!


  1. How lucky I’ve been to travel the world 

Dancing was my big passion as a child but I also had a passion for travel & seeing new places & cultures. When I graduated from college I had the most amazing opportunities to travel the world on some of the most beautiful cruise liners & I’ve been extremely fIMG_1654.PNGortunate to travel extensively to so many amazing places, create the most wonderful memories along with meeting Tony. There’s still so much more I want to see but I’ve been to places some people can only dream of and got paid for doing it. Lucky girl!


  1. Mine & my family’s health 

As long as my family are happy & healthy that’s all that really matters. My mum had a bit of a health scare last year and it really does make you appreciate just how important & precious your family are.


  1. Good friends 

I’m lucky to still be very good friends with 3 amazing girls who I’ve been best friends with since birth. I’ve met and made lots of wonderful friends over the years through travelling who have all really enriched my life and I’ve now got friends all over the world. Ten years ago one of my very best friends passed away at the age of 30 which affected me very much, we had been friends since we were 10 and then ended up travelling the world on cruise ships together. His death was tragic and I still think of him every day. On moving back home I’ve met new friends through my job and the children who I’ve become very close to and consider them to be very close friends. IMG_1672

I have had a couple of toxic friends who caused upset and a lot of hurt a couple of years ago but removing them from my life has been liberating and like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. As I’ve got older I think I’m a good judge of character and can sift out the people who only want to befriend you for what you can do for them not for who you are. The biggest lesson you can learn is that it’s far more important to have a few really good, true friends that you trust than a huge group who you can’t. My mum, dad & Tony are my best friends in the world though. They are my rocks & I don’t know what I’d do without them.


  1. My gorgeous Cavachon puppy Dora.

I’ve never really been a pet person but Tony & the kids have wanted a dog for a long long time. After a long time trying to be persuaded I finally gave in and agreed to it. What I IMG_8403didn’t expect was just how much I could love her & how much she’s enhanced our whole family’s life. She just our adorable Dora!


  1. My achievements in my job. 

My job has always been important to me as dancing turned from my passion as a hobby to my career and in the 15 years I worked as a professional dancer I was never out of work and enjoyed the wonderful experiences of dancing on Television, performing in front of Royalty on The Royal Variety Performance, pantomimes with big stars and travelling the world extensively on cruise ships. On returning home I then passed all my teaching qualifications & opened my own Theatre School. I have had a lot of success over the years with pupils winning regional and national championships & scholarships, one of my pupils being the 2016 Miss Dance of Great Britain winner, many pupils gaining places at prestigious Theatre Schools in London and pupils going on to work in the business professionally including The West End. All these things make me immensely proud but I am also just as proud of all the other hundreds of children I’ve taught over the years who loved dancing as a hobby and it enhanced their childhoods, many of who are still in touch and still come to see me.


  1. Loving my life. 

They say if you have a family that loves you, a few good friends, food on the table and a roof over your head, you are one of the richest people on earth. Well I’ve got that and much much more and get to share it with the best family imaginable. I consider myself to be extremely fortunate & I love the life we have.

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