This month my amazing parents celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. 50 years of marriage is an amazing feat that many don’t make so we certainly wanted to celebrate this occasion in style and celebrate we did!

Their anniversary fell on a Friday and mum decided a few months ago to book for the two of them, all four of us and my brother, sister-in-law and their two boys to go away for the weekend to a cottage in North Yorkshire near the Scarborough coast. We arrived at tea time and gave them their gifts.

This was something I’d been planning for a long time and I presented them with a huge gold box filled with 50 golden gifts for 50 golden years. Some of value, some funny and some sentimental and my parents loved it. They are both such fabulous people and amazing parents that I wanted to make them feel very special which I’m sure we all achieved.

My parents biggest joy is spending time with their family so a weekend away with their children, children in law and all their adored grand children was just the perfect way to spend their anniversary and we all had a wonderful and special time with lots of laughs, love and making memories.

My parents are very kind, thoughtful people who are great company and fun to be around and so they have a large group of friends who they’ve kept for many years. With having such a wide circle of friends they thought they’d like to mark the occasion with a party and so the Sunday after their anniversary we had a beautiful afternoon dinner party at 315 restaurant in Lepton, Huddersfield. A beautiful venue which we’ve celebrated many special occasions at, my parents hired out the function suite for 70 close friends and family. What a fabulous day it was filled with laughter and love and lots of reminiscing with old friends. My brother & I did a speech plus I wrote a poem which I have posted at the end of this blog post.

A very special two weekends for two very special people who deserve nothing less. As parents, grandparents, friends and lots of other things to many people they are loved and highly though of by everyone they know. But in a time where marriages break up at the first cross word what makes a marriage last for 50 years plus?

Have they ever argued, of course they have and in my opinion if someone says they never argue with their spouse or partner then they’re either lying or one of the partnership is compromising hugely.

My parents have had a lot of pleasure together from hobbies, holidays, family & friends but they have also had their own work & interests so they haven’t always been in each other’s pockets. This also gives a couple something else to talk about. They shared the same values and beliefs about bringing my brother and I up and instilling manners and common sense. We had rules so there were boundaries but also freedom to grow and be our own people too so James and I had a fabulous, idyllic childhood. Around the home, as both of them worked they also shared the household chores and childcare responsibilities.

A fair, loving and understanding partnership that has trust, understanding and respect for each other is what has made it work along with good fun, good family times, good friends and lots & lots of love and laughter.

Congratulations my wonderful parents, I love you more than words can say!

For My Mum & Dad

 To our wonderful parents

On this your special day

50 years of marriage

Your Golden Anniversary has come your way


You met in ‘Rosemarie’

& then an engagement came

Two years later you were married

A Cook mum then became


Six Years later I arrived

A daughter now you had

Then 8 years later along came James

A girl & a little lad!


As parents you taught us right from wrong

‘Manners & common sense go a long way’

Lots of love & friendship, fun & games

Which continues to this day


As the years have past you’ve enjoyed many things

Such as shows & each holiday

These memories all so wonderful

In each & every way


In all these years of marriage

Greenside & Sorbus way hold fondness in our hearts

These were (are) such warm & loving homes

Right from the very start


The funny whims that mum has had

How we’ve laughed about the green veg van!

But her talent is outstanding when putting on shows

She can amaze us like no one else can


Dad has such wonderful enthusiasm

Exuberance is his middle name

Though this often gets him in trouble

When things break, he always gets the blame!


You’ve been behind James & I every step of the way

University & college you supported

Especially through my homesick times,

You wouldn’t allow me to be thwarted


Our marriages to Tony & Kate

Then came along your way

And fabulous parents-in-law to them both

I’m sure Tony & Kate will say


As daughter & son to your own parent

You were the best there could have been

And then you became grandparents

When Isabelle & Max came on the scene


Then along came Jack & Ned

Two more gorgeous grandsons

4 gorgeous grand children who now complete

Your fa-mi-ly and then some!


You treat your friends with such kindness

& I know how loved you are

Friendships mean the world to you

Some near & some afar


So 50 years of marriage has passed

When did those years fly by?

With dad singing his tunes & mums dancing shoes

They always reach for the sky


So Happy Anniversary my very special parents

I love and thank you & how I am glad

That you’re so wonderful, amazing, how lucky am I?

To have you for my Mum & Dad.


With all my love








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