When I found out my daughters favourite girl band ‘Little Mix’ we’re coming to our home town of Huddersfield getting tickets was an absolute must, so I was prepared to be on the ball on the day they went on sale as I knew they’d sell out in minutes. Along with 3 of my friends and their daughters who are Isabelle’s friends we all planned on going together and, although it was months away, I knew Isabelle would be ecstatic and we all planned it as the girls Christmas presents. Things then got better as one of our groups husband used to be a football player for Huddersfield town &, with his connections (it’s not what you know it’s who you know!!!) we managed to get VIP tickets in the directors box. Not cheap but a fabulous package and as this was a one off event we couldn’t say no. As predicted, Isabelle was beyond excited with her Christmas present.

After a long 6 months wait the day finally arrived & to start the evening with a bang  we all met at our favourite place Harvey’s bar & grill in Fenay bridge Huddersfield for pre concert drinks. A taxi ride to the stadium followed and we arrived at 4pm.

IMG_2393We were greeted with drinks on arrival, given our lanyards and programmes then a large buffet was put out for all platinum ticket holders. The first 4 drinks were included in the ticket price also so we were all happy and having a great time. At 6.30 we were escorted to our seats, and what fabulous seats they were! I must admit, seeing all the rest of the crowd either sat so far away from the stage or in the standing seats I was so so glad we’d paid the extra money, it was so so worth it. An amazing view, comfortable seats and a wonderful bar man who took a liking to us so we got quite a few very cheap rounds!!!!!!

At 6.30pm an Australian girl band Germein came on. If I’m honest I can’t say I knew any of their songs but hey!!! I was enjoying myself. The second support act was Rak-Su and although I hadn’t watched the year they won X factor I must admit they were great and a very popular choice with the crowd. IMG_2355

At 8.30pm the crowd erupted as the fabulous ‘Little Mix’ were catapulted onto the stage. What phenomenal girls they are and they are definitely the ‘girl power’ band of the millennium. Fabulous performers from start to finish and the crowd went wild! The atmosphere was electric and I felt so proud that my small hometown of Huddersfield is now getting these huge concerts and putting us on the map.

A brilliant day from start to finish. Expensive? Yes! Worth it? Absolutely! –  to see my gorgeous girls face having an amazing time with her friends, me having a fab time with my fab friends and just being part of this amazing atmosphere was something we won’t forget.

Little Mix, you were incredible!!!!




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