After settling down on an extremely busy Virgin train from Leeds to Kings Cross Station  my mum, Isabelle, Max & myself all enjoyed a relaxing 2 hour journey looking forward to our two days in London. IMG_3482

With tickets to see Mamma Mia the musical we’d had the trip booked for a while as one of my mums many 70th birthday gifts! Added to the excitement was the fact that my very first pupil Chloe, who I taught to dance from her being 3 years old, is now performing in this fabulous musical. Her first job which she got before graduating from Theatre School, so I’m immensely proud and very excited to watch her perform in her West End debut.

A quick stop at our hotel to drop off our bags, freshen up and change, off we went into one of my favourite cities in the world, London Town!!!

Having lived in London for 3 years whilst training at Laine Theatre Arts and then again for over a year in my 20’s I know it well and although I didn’t particularly enjoy living there I love to visit at least once a year. IMG_3536

We like to try out different restaurants each time but this time, as Max was with us, we chose to go to Hard Rock Cafe! I’ve travelled to many many cities in the world and have always paid a visit to the Hard Rock Cafe as a sort of tradition of mine now so it’s a place I love for a fun casual meal and the food was as good as always.

We then headed to Covent Garden and enjoyed a pre show drink with my sister-in-law Lynda & nephew Bobby who by coincidence were in London to watch Mamma Mia on the same day as us. IMG_3488

Then it was show time and WOW! What a fabulous show filled with fun, happiness and so much energy. What a tonic and how proud I felt watching one of my own pupils doing what she does best on that fabulous West End stage. With Mamma Mia 2 fever everywhere at the moment the show is as popular as ever and we all loved it. Meeting Chloe at the stage door was so special and I did cry tears of pride. To see someone who has worked so so hard having her dreams coming true is very special and I’m thrilled for her. IMG_3492




It was then back to the hotel after a long but fabulous day!

The next morning we enjoyed a lovely breakfast at our hotel then ventured out for a spot of shopping before we headed home. Isabelle is now old enough to enjoy the fashion and beauty shops & Max loves the fabulous sights and history of London.IMG_3513

Unfortunately we weren’t there long enough to enjoy one of the attractions on this visit like we usually do as our train was just after lunch but we will make sure we do on our next visit. IMG_3510







I just love the vibe and atmosphere in this fabulous city and as always will look forward to our next visit immensely.



4 thoughts on “48 HOURS IN LONDON

  1. Lovely post! I always find myself in London trying to find new things to do, so it’s always great seeing what other people do when they’re in London for a short amount of time! Followed your blog, and I love your theme 😉 X


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