With another week left of my summer break I wanted to fit as many fun things as possible with Isabelle and Max.

Isabelle is very keen on a career in Media & Television so I’ve been wanting to take her to the BBC Media City Tour for a while.

We met in the main entrance of the Salford studios and were taken on the tour by two lovely guides. The tour lasted approximately 1 1/2 hours and we were first taken in to the Radio studio that is used for 5 live music IMG_3812

It’s interesting to hear just how much goes into a radio show and the guides were very knowledgeable.

After looking round the studio we then went into another studio which has a mock up set of the BBC breakfast programme. Isabelle volunteered to be the newsreader and had a go at following an autocue whilst listening to the director through her ear piece. She then had chance to present the weather which is not as easy as it looks! She absolutely loved it and it

was a great experience for her.

A chance then to take photos of Isabelle and Max sat on the BBC breakfast set, the Mastermind Chair and by two of the Dr Who daleks before we were led to another studio. IMG_3832

The sheer enormity of this next studio was amazing and interesting to know that it’s where The Voice and Mastermind is filmed and how they set it up for filming.

The last studio we went to was where Gary Lineker records BBC Sports and it was fascinating to hear they film 3 different sports programmes in the same studio every Saturday and by just changing the lighting it looks like a completely different studio each time. IMG_3840

A fantastic and informative tour which we all enjoyed greatly and it was excellent value for money. It was particularly interesting for Isabelle who would love to work in that environment when she is older and fantastic for her to get a taste of the ins and outs of TV behind the scenes  Media City in Salford is an amazing space which is home to the BBC, ITV, Coronation Street plus many fabulous Bars, restaurants, businesses and The War Time museum to name a few.

I would highly recommend this excellent tour to anyone.


I booked my tickets on line which were very reasonable, £8.25 each for the kids, £12.25 for adults and £11.25 for my mum who’s a senior. A very reasonable £40 for all 4 of us.

You must remember to take photo ID with you such as a passport or drivers licence and only small bags are allowed which are checked before entering.



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