I’ve always prided myself on being a very organised person and when you have children, a home to to run and a business to run it’s something I live by to ensure I stay on top of things and don’t allow things to cause me stress. Here are a few of the ways I stay organised to ensure as smooth a life as possible.


  1. I always get mine and the kids clothes out night before & our bags sorted. Now the kids are older I’ve instilled this into them so they do it themselves now. It prevents any scrambling and panicking about lost items in the mornings or worrying about what to wear.



  1. I’m a huge list maker and find its the only way to stay on top of things, meet deadlines and be ready for anything. For me I’m still a Filofax/pen & paper girl but I do use my phone for everything g now and use the notes section if I’m our and about.

  1. I ensure I have a good skin care routine morning and night, something I’ve instilled into Isabelle from day one. That way I know my skin is nourished and in as good a condition as possible which also makes applying my makeup much smoother each morning. IMG_4401


  1. I regularly have my nails done and have acrylics done at my beauty salon. These aren’t for everyone but for me it works as I don’t have to worry about my nails from one appointment to the next. It gives me a touch of constant glamour and I wouldn’t feel fully dressed without my nails done. IMG_4402


  1. A good alarm clock is vital and I also set my phone alarm too so I never sleep in. I make sure I’m up in plenty of time to fit in my whole morning routine without having to rush and panic.


  1. Teaching kids to be organised helps me immensely as now they are more independent and can think for themselves. Mornings are hard with young children but hopefully I’ve taught them to be as organised and prepared for every situation as possible which does make mornings much smoother now.


  1. We have a weekly planner in the house so everyone knows when and where they need to be. Tony & I both work and so both contribute to the house work and child care so the planner assists in us knowing who’s dropping off & picking up from where.


  1. I try to do my meal planning weekly which helps with food shopping as I like us to eat good home cooked meals. As we’re a busy family whenever we can I make sure we sit down for a family meal. On days when I work late I often use my slow cooker to make a casserole, cook a joint of meat or a huge vegetable soup so everyone can get a hot meal whatever time they’re home. My slow cooker is one of my most useful kitchen gadgets for staying organised, especially during the colder months.


  1. Monday is my day off so I use this day to sort out the week ahead, sort the house and get everything in order. Once the kids are at school I go to the gym then I get back and spend the day cleaning and scoring the house out and then I do the weekly food & toiletries shopping. I also make sure my ‘to do list’ is updated for the week ahead.


  1. Everything in our house must have its place. I do a big weekly clean but I clean & tidy daily as I go so it doesn’t get on top of me – clear space clear mind, messy space messy mind.



  1. I have to make the  beds every day – it might sound  odd or unimportant to some but an unmade bed makes me feel messy slovenly and disorganised. I have the same approach to the dishwasher which I load and put on at night and empty each morning so all the dirty breakfast item can go straight in and your kitchen stays looking tidy.


  1. Cupboards and drawers can get messy quickly so I make sure I do a regular tidy and organisation session. I use drawer separators so everything stays in its place and have regular clear outs. Drawer liners ensure everything stays smelling fresh.


  1. I like to De clutter twice a year. Things build up and before you know it wardrobes and cupboards are building which are much harder to keep tidy. If you haven’t worn or used something in months take it to your local charity shop and clear up some space at home at the same time.


  1. Making technology work for you. iPhones can be a double edged sword! On one hand they are vital in today’s busy lifestyle for instant bookings, work e mails & fast correspondence but, if your not careful you can also waste a lot of time procrastinating from your work whilst scrolling through social media. With my business I use social media for promotions, information, phone calls and correspondence so not having the apps on my phone is not an option. However, I have to discipline myself to how much time I spend on my phone to ensure I’m fully engaged in my family, home and work.


  1. Leaning to say no!!! And most importantly, since I turned 40 I won’t & don’t say yes to things I don’t want to do just to please people like I often did in my 20’s. I’m naturally a people pleaser and if I’ve said yes to something I won’t let anyone down unless it’s an absolute emergency. However I just don’t have time now to say yes to everything people as me to do in my business and I have to pick and choose careful,y so that my work doesn’t encroach in my family time. In practice it doesn’t always work but I’m definitely better at saying no now than I used to be!





3 thoughts on “HOW I STAY ORGANISED

  1. I love the nail color!! That should be a manicure commercial…”Not fully dressed without them!” I 100% agree with you and feel like they complete your outfit. I enjoyed reading your post!!


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