1. To clean stubborn spillages in your microwave place half a lemon in a cup of water for one or two minutes until the window is steamy then let it sit in there for a few minutes before you open the door. This releases the grease and grime and makes it easy to wipe clean. It also makes the kitchen smell lovely and fresh


  1. Use baby oil to remove fingerprints from stainless steel


  1. Use an old toothbrush to clean around plug holes and taps


  1. Unblock a clogged drain with baking soda


  1. Clean your chopping board with lemons which are great for lifting stains as well as removing odours


  1. Clean windows with white vinegar and scrunched up newspapers for sparkling clean windows


  1. Zoflora has a huge range of different scents to mix up with water to make a gorgeous all purpose cleaner that makes your house smell fabulous IMG_6720


  1. Scoop up any pet hairs with a rubber glove


  1. Rub toothpaste over your tap faucets then rinse off for a lovely gleam


  1. Remove coffee stains from mugs by using toothpaste to clean it off


  1. Clean and polish your stainless steel sink using baking soda


  1. Always burn a candle for at least 4 hours the first time you light it to avoid tunnelling


  1. Use drawer separators for underwear and sock drawers to keep them tidyIMG_6721


14 Use a cutlery tray for your makeup drawer to keep it organised


  1. Put a lemon in the microwave on full power for around 1 minute. This releases all the stubborn food making it easy to clean off.


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