Your hair can be your identity and can make a woman feel feminine so when a woman starts to lose her hair it can have huge consequences and deeply affect her confidence.

I have never been blessed with thick flowing locks but as a child I had lovely blonde long hair that wasn’t thick but was in good condition.

Unfortunately for me perms were all the rage in my late teens and sadly my hair suffered from the perm solution from regular perms and colour treatments. So when my ‘then hairdresser’ told me about a new innovative treatment that was similar to a perm but thickened the hair rather than curled it as a perm does, being young and naive and willing to do anything for thicker hair, I jumped at the chance. In hindsight, I should have steered well clear of a new treatment that hadn’t shown any poof that it works and a hairdresser that didn’t do a strand test but I was young and jumped in feet first. Within a few hours of the treatment my hair started coming out in handfuls and, whilst I never had any bald patches, it dramatically thinned my hair permanently & I was devastated.

Gradually over the years my hair has become thinner and thinner and, apart from during my pregnancies when my hair was in the best condition it had been in for years, I’m now wearing my hair up most of the time as its too fine to wear down and doesn’t hold a style. IMG_6816

I know people have far worse problems but I’ve had quite a stressful time at work recently and have noticed my hair coming out again and so I’ve decided to try and do something about it.

Unfortunately hair regrowth treatments have not progressed as much as medical professionals would have hoped over the years but I did some research on line and came across The Belgravia Centre in London who specialise in Female and Male pattern hair loss. It had mostly good reviews so I got in touch via e mail and a lovely lady Siobhan got in touch with me.

I had to send photos of my scalp and she did an online diagnosis. Below is my diagnosed condition & recommended treatment from The Centre.


Your Diagnosed Condition

Female Pattern Hair Loss

This condition is caused by the genetically influenced presence of 5-alpha reductase which converts testosterone to Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes the hair follicles on the top area of the head to shrink leading to thinner and shorter hair with each growth cycle.

Diffuse Thinning

This form of hair loss involves an increased rate of hair shedding and subsequent thinning from all over the scalp. Possible causes are a number of things including diet, thyroid problems, haemoglobin and hormonal problems. Stress may also be a contributing factor in Diffuse Thinning or Diffuse Hair Loss.

The Belgravia Centre has found that there are certain treatments that can help to stabilise the hair loss and in many cases improve the density of the hair.

Your treatment recommendation options

Minoxidil 4% + Medroxyprogesterone (MPG) 0.0125% Lotion

Minoxidil 4% + MPG liquid is ideal for tackling general hair loss and will stabilise hair loss and regrow hair in most cases. Minoxidil is a clinically proven product that works by increasing blood circulation to the hair follicles. Medroxyprogesterone (MPG) is added to our liquid minoxidil to work as an anti-androgen for genetic hair loss, helping to block DHT locally around the follicles to ensure the blood being delivered to the follicles is fit to grow healthy hair. MPG also helps to regulate the hair growth cycle by shortening the resting stage, which is useful for conditions such as Alopecia Areata and Chronic Telogen Effluvium/Diffuse Thinning. Minoxidil 4% + MPG is a prescription medication so please ensure you read the leaflet provided with the product before starting to use it.

HairMax LaserComb

Belgravia are currently offering an FDA cleared HairMax LaserComb free with most treatment course combinations.  The LaserComb is the only device that has been approved by the FDA, meaning it has been proven to stabilise hair loss and regrow hair.  Used alongside the other medically proven treatments this ensures the highest possible chances of hair loss stabilisation and regrowth.


It’s not cheap at £185 per 3 months with a recommended 1 years worth of treatment but you can do a 3 month trial & don’t have to pay it all up front.

I’ve decided to give it a try as I’m getting a bit desperate now and really want to do something about it. Minoxidil is the only known hair loss treatment & so this seemed like the best option for me.

My treatment is due to arrive next week so I will be reporting on my experience on a month by month basis to see what the results are in the first 3 months & beyond if I continue with the treatment. I hope it might be interesting and informative for anyone else going through the same as me.


Sadly so far I’m afraid I’ve not seen any difference what-so-ever! I’ve applied it morning and night as instructed but apart from making my hair greasy and needing to wash it constantly there’s no change. In all fairness it is a year long treatment so I wasn’t expecting to see much difference but I thought I might have seen a little re growth. The problem now is that I’m very reluctant to pay two more instalments of £185 as I’m sure it will be the same as any other hair thickening treatment and not show any results. I was also a bit annoyed as they told me I would get a free laser comb however, when I questioned this when it didn’t arrive with my treatment I was told you only received it if you’ve paid for the whole year in full but not if you pay in 3 instalments which had been their preferred payment plan.  Something I was certainly not told when signing up and something that is definitely not stated on any of my correspondence. I suppose once again I was just hoping for something that would actually work but in truth it’s another rip off!

Would I recommend it to anyone – no! Was it value for money -no! Will I do it again -no!

But, I will continue to look for something that may one day help people to improve & thicken their fine hair!!


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