1. Estée Lauder double wear IMG_7255

I was introduced to this foundation for my wedding day and I’ve worn it ever since when I’m looking for extra coverage. On the day of my wedding I wore this and my Estée Lauder pressed powder and I didn’t even need to touch my makeup up apart from my lipstick. It’s a little heavy for every day use but it’s my go to foundation for a more dressed up look.


  1. Estée Lauder pressed powder

IMG_7256As with the double wear foundation, I began wearing Estée Lauder pressed powder on my wedding day. It evens out foundation perfectly and gives me an amazing coverage that barely needs touching up. A fabulous powder for a night out and on occasions when makeup needs to stay put.


  1. Maybeline Gel eyeliner 

Great value for money and I can adapt it to the occasion. For every day and work purposes I only apply a little to enhance my eyes and blend it in. For a more dramatic look I apply more around my eyes and blend it in for a smokey effect.IMG_7257

For me it has much better staying power than a pencil liner and the small pot lasts ages. I always use the dark brown rather than black as it has a softer effect even with a dramatic evening look.


  1. Rimmel London hide the blemish Concealer & Rimmel London wake me up liquid concealer 

IMG_7267Fabulous value for money, I love both of these products in their own ways. Hide the blemish does exactly what it ‘says on the tin’ and is great for covering annoying spots and blemishes. I apply the wake me up liquid concealer under my eyes as it is a much lighter concealer and just helps to even out dark circles under the eyes. I’ve tried many other much more expensive concealer but these two are always my ‘go to’ for quality and value.


  1. Lancôme Hypnose MascaraIMG_7258

There are some areas where I can save on makeup but for foundation, powder and mascara I go for high quality products. Lancôme Hypnotise Mascara is a smudge proof extra light formula and creates a voluminous dramatic look that is second to none. I love this product and wear it day and night but I build up the layers for a more dramatic evening effect.


  1. Spice Mac lipliner 

IMG_7259The star of lip liners in my opinion. This versatile colour seems to adapt and match all lipsticks to create a sharp crisp line around my lips without it standing out too much. It blends in beautifully and has amazing staying power.


  1. Mac Lipstick 

A tough one as I do constantly change my lipsticks, but leading a very busy life I am always looking for lipsticks that are long lasting. I tend to go for matte finish lipsticks but some of these can be very drying on the lips.IMG_7260

However my favourite lipsticks have to be the Mac Cosmetics matte lipsticks. They last well and are less drying than many others. I have various shades and love them all but my daughter adores the Velvet Teddy shade.


  1. Estée Lauder Daywear

IMG_7261More of a cream than a makeup product I admit but I had to add it as I use it as part of my makeup routine rather than skincare. I love this product and find it so versatile. I often wear it as a primer under my foundation as it smooths out my skin and covers imperfections perfectly to ensure my foundation goes on well. In the summer and on holiday I use it in the day as I would a tinted moisturiser. The SPF protects against sun damage and this anti oxidant cream helps to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. My skin feels smoother and fresher instantly after applying this fantastic cream.


  1. Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow PalletIMG_7262

Eyeshadow have never been high on my makeup priority list in the past but I bought Isabelle an Urban Decay eyeshadow kit for Christmas and decided to treat myself too. The high pigment in this high quality eyeshadow pallet allows the makeup to be applied smoothly and lasts all day. These can be built up to a more dramatic evening effect taking your look from morning to night. It’s completely changed my makeup and I adore these fabulous eye shadows.


  1. Smashbox step by step contour kit 

IMG_7263I’m very new to highlighting and I’m getting tips from my 14 year old daughter!! I hate the heavy contoured look that looks very unnatural however, a few highlights and a touch of contouring can work wonders. I’ve been using Smashbox step by step contour kit as recommended by my daughter Isabelle for those who are new to contouring.




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