Several years ago I was in a restaurant with my mum. While I paid the bill, we both noticed an elderly woman waiting to be seated. As we left the restaurant, Mum asked, “Did you notice that woman with the wonderful smile?” I most certainly did. Her smile lit up the room. It was a smile to die for_one that would certainly win instant friends. It was a smile that you don’t often see in a stranger. And maybe Mum and I smiled back, I don’t remember. Mum later commented, “I wish I’d told her what a terrific smile she had.” But neither of us had. We’d both received a gift without saying thank-you.


Later, on my long drive home, I stopped at a fast-food restaurant for a quick bite. A 70ish woman waited by the condiment bar while her husband ordered. She glanced my way and smiled brightly. It was one of those smiles that broadcast, “I love life!”

I wasn’t going to let THIS opportunity pass_I was going to say SOMETHING. As I approached this woman from 30 feet away, her smile melted into a rather startled look; as if asking, “Did I do something wrong?” I walked over to her and simply said, “You have a wonderful smile!” Wow, did her face light up! And she responded with an enthusiastic, “Thank You”. My comment probably made her day, but it also made MY day. We truly exchanged gifts that afternoon.



Life’s lessons have taught me this: a smile is the number one feature that makes people attractive. It’s a welcome mat. It’s what makes folks approachable. People with a great smiles radiate a warmth that draws others to them instantly.

Some people naturally have a great smile. Others must work at it. One way to tell which category you’re in is to recall looking at your photos. As you scrolled through the pictures, you didn’t like the way you looked in most of them. But then…you discovered that one great picture of yourself. In it, you look friendly_you’re smiling broadly and your eyes twinkle. Now that picture looks like you!

When you’ve mastered your smile, you’ll consistently look better in photos. Most important, though, you’ll be more attractive and approachable every day.


When you’re having a good time, does your face show it? You might be surprised.

You might be enjoying your job hobby or social situation , but fail to show it. You may want to meet someone, yet not give them a single, friendly clue. You can even be in love with somebody, and totally hide it. Your face should express what you feel!

One way to become better at smiling is increasing your awareness. Take notice of those you find warm and inviting. Is it their smile? Make an effort to look for great smiles. Notice the appeal of people who smile with their eyes, not just their mouth, eyes are the windows to your soul. The whole face gets involved. Consider these people your models. Study yourself in the mirror. How do you look in a dressing room mirror, when shopping, and while passing a reflective window? Do you look friendly? Approachable? Do you really like the image you’re projecting?


4 of my most favourite smiles in the world!!





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